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What title does ICOM International College of MusculoSkeletal Science release?

Since its inception, ICOM has never issued the Diploma in Osteopathy (D.O.) but only and exclusively degrees in Osteopathy through collaborations and partnerships with English Universities in Osteopathy such as the Nescot / University of Kingston (Icom headquarters in UK).

In the year 2018/2019 ICOM has become, in the territory of Malta, a Higher Education Institution (H.E.I.) acquiring the Awarding Power that will allow it to release to all its students directly the Degree in Osteopathy.

How does osteopathic training work?

The osteopathic clinical internship in ICOM for the first and second year is of an observational type where one has the opportunity to observe one’s colleagues over the last years to treat patients belonging to the clinic. In the third and fourth year, when a bar exam is passed, the supervised osteopathic clinical internship on external patients is accessed. The internship takes place in Malta and in Italy. In addition, 4-week clinical courses are scheduled in London at the ICOM clinic at the request of the student.

Is Osteopathy a Health Profession?

Osteopathy has been identified as a Health Profession by Law 03/2018 and the process of establishing the profession is currently under way. ICOM, through its President, actively participates in the institutional work, working with Fesios, the Italian Federation of Osteopaths, representative body of the Italian Osteopaths holding a degree in Foreign Osteopathy.

How much are the fees?

To find out the costs of the ICOM fees and registration click here.

Board and lodging are included in the foreign fees?

The costs of board and lodging during the periods of study in Malta are not included in the ICOM fees but are paid by the student.

ICOM has drawn up agreements that involve very low costs for accommodation (€ 20.00 per night for triple / quadruple and quintuple) and for meals (vouchers of 7 meals at € 50.00 to be spent in various catering activities).

The student, however, is free to find, independently, alternative solutions if those proposals are not to liking.

How does the BNL Loan work?

To continue their studies with greater serenity, ICOM students can apply for a loan studied by BNL BNP Paribas Group to support student and family projects.

The granting of the loan is subject to bank approval.

To be contacted, simply click on «Get Called» and fill out a simple contact form.

Is english needed?

The Full Time course is held in Italian / English and includes, starting from the first year, English lessons held by the British Institute, with the aim of allowing students to achieve the level 6.5 IELTS one of the necessary requirements to advance the application for enrollment in the Register of Malta after obtaining the BSc.Ost Hons Degree.

The costs of the British Institute classes are included in the annual ICOM fee.


The ICOM HEI Extended Pathway course takes place between Malta and Italy and includes a 5-year training course in part-time mode and includes 8 stays of 6 consecutive days at the ICOM Malta headquarters.

At the end of the course of study, the student receives a degree in osteopathy Bsc.Ost Hons. Of 240 ECTS.

The Extended Pathway path can be accessed by those in possession of:

  • Degree in Physiotherapy or equivalent degree. Degree in Physical
  • Education and Sport Sciences
  • Working student
  • University Diploma (ISEF)


The ICOM HEI full-time course takes place between Malta and Italy and provides a 4-year training course + 1 additional year, the fifth, during which the advanced and specialized practice osteopathy course will take place. The last year takes place entirely in Italy.

At the end of the 4th Academic Year, the student obtains the BSc.Ost Hons Degree with 240 ECTS, qualification to advance the application for enrollment in the Register of Malta with consequent professional qualification that will allow, therefore, to move to another European State, including Italy, where the Osteopathy is recognized, and exercise the profession through the Community Directive 2013/55 on the free movement and recognition of the Osteopath Professional.

At the end of the 5th Academic Year during which a further 60 ECTS are issued, for a total of 300 ECTS in the five years, the student obtains the Master in Science of Osteopathy (MSc.Ost).



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