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ICOM has always placed at the center of its activity the issue of a training of excellence, capable of responding to the three fundamental principles for the osteopath of the future:


Quality of Education




Security of the Degree

At the center of these three principles, the high professionalism, experience and know-how of absolute value, have allowed ICOM to become today the most important training reality in Italy and among the most established in Europe, but also the most extended with 8 research centers on the national territory, a head office in Malta, an osteopathic clinic, accredited by the English Professional Register, ICOM at Nescot, in London.

Leadership that is also confirmed in the educational program offered, being the only osteopathic training reality in Europe that allows its students to train in three European countries: Italy, Malta (training + clinical internship) and England (exclusively clinical training).



The Full Time course is developed over 4 + 1 Academic Years and is held between the Malta headquarters and theitalian Learning Centers.

The training program includes a four-year period (Malta / Italy) with the BSc.Ost Hons Degree in Osteopathy and a further academic year, the 5th year, carried out entirely in Italy oriented to the acquisition of additional skills in the clinical / practical area. The fifth academic year ends with the release, by ICOM at Nescot, of the MSc.Ost title with a total of 300 ECTS.


The EXTENDED PATHWAY course is developed over 5 Academic Years, in part time mode, and is organized in 10 monthly seminars of which 7 to be held at the ICOM headquarters in Malta and the remaining 3 at the Learning Centers in Italy. Each seminar will last six days and at the end of the course of study, the student will obtain the Degree in Osteopathy, BSc.Ost Hons, of 240 University Formation Credits.

The Extended Pathway course is addressed to all holders of a previous Health Degree, to Graduates in Physical Education and Sport sciences and to students who want to undertake this path to become Osteopath Professionals.


Spread over 4 academic years to be held in Malta (including the practical internship).
The title requires registration in the Professional Register of Malta then allowing to access to the other European Registers (including Italy) through the Community Directive 2005/36.

Path taken in Malta (course in Italian)

92% start working 3 months after graduation!


The 6-years* path involves obtaining a double degree in Osteopathy and Physiotherapy at the end of the study course.

Both qualifications provide for the registration in the Professional Register of Malta, allowing then, through the EU Directive 2005/36, to be able to exercise the Professions in all European states, including Italy, and non-European ones.

Path taken in Malta (course in Italian).

95% start working 3 months after graduation

*Degree in Osteopathy and Physiotherapy with recognition of training credits in common between the two courses.