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Advanced structure with the presence of internal osteopathic clinics in all ICOM study centres.

Experienced teachers and a high number of assistants, all in possession of a degree in Osteopathy BSc.Ost / Msc.Ost.

Training in line with the provisions of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Qualification Framework.

International lectures through Visiting Professor, collaborations with Italian Universities of Medicine and Surgery, Public and Private Hospitals.



ICOM Higher Education Institution on the Maltese territory (License No. 2018/023)

Italian Studies Centers – 8 Osteopathic Medical Centers / Clinical Centers

ICOM at Nescot (Icom Headquarters in UK) where our students will be able to perform, on request, some weeks of clinical experience in the osteopathic structure in London.


Titles in line with the European Directives 2005/36 and 2013/55 on the free circulation of the Professional that allow the exercise of the profession in all EU countries where osteopathy is recognized including Italy.

Graduate degrees in Osteopath followed in a European country such as Malta which recognized Osteopathy as a Health Profession already in 1994, allow the qualification in Italy through the passage from the Register of Malta to the Italian Register through the EU Directive 2013/55 on free movement of Professionals.


  • BSc.Ost Hons degree (240 ECTS). The title has the characteristics to request registration on the Professional Register of Maltese and this must be done independently by the student..


Osteopathy in recent years has undergone an enormous development in terms of use by users, an indication that is confirmed by the high degree of satisfaction, about 78%, by those who have undergone an osteopathic treatment.

In support of this trend, the latest Eurispes report (2012) on Complementary Medicine highlighted how Osteopathy is among the most used disciplines by Italians (21.5%) compared to others such as acupuncture (21%) and chiropractic (17.2%).

The figure calculated on a population that uses the Complementary Medicine equal to 14.5%, is certainly very comforting but, it assumes even more importance, going to highlight as of the moment only 7-8% of the population (always according to the data of 2012) is a user of Osteopathy. This allows us to imagine the enormous potential, in terms of employment and number of users, that will be able to involve the Profession in the coming years.


The ICOM educational path, thanks to a highly educational program, international imprinting and the importance and exclusivity of the European titles offered, gives the opportunity to all students to be able, at the end of their studies, to spend the Profession on more areas and sectors. In addition to the national territory, with the opening of its own studio or providing service in private clinics, sports facilities or for the care and health of the person, it will be possible to find one’s own work position also in other European and non-European countries thanks to value and expendability of the acquired titles.

Furthermore, for the most deserving students, ICOM offers the opportunity for professional growth in the academic, clinical and research fields, within its own reality.


Find out how to proceed with pre-registration (which does not involve any economic obligation or commitment to enrollment) and registration through the use of our online forms available to future students ICOM.

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Please note that following the detection of osteopathy in Italy as a Health Profession and, by virtue of the next implementing decrees, currently under discussion, it will no longer be possible for non-university organizations present on the Italian territory to train osteopaths and provide them with university students such as the Diploma in Osteopathy (DO).

It is recalled that Law 3/2018 indicates that with the Osteopathy Institution there will also be the establishment of the Register of Osteopaths that will be within the Order of Medical Technicians of Medical Radiology (TSRM) to which you can register only with the possession of the title of Degree in Osteopathy.

Just for the reasons mentioned above ICOM had already started the process of accreditation for several years, at the Ministry of Education of Malta (remember that the Osteopathy in Malta was recognized in 1994 as a Health Profession), the Institute ICOM as Higher Education Institution (HEI) achieved in the year 2018, which allows it to release the degree in Osteopathy, BSc.Ost Hons (240 ECTS). ECTS is a system of university educational credits designed to allow students to transfer and / or move them to another country for the achievement or recognition of a degree or for personal training. 


Through this passage ICOM has become the second European reality to be awarded the title of H.E.I. which allows it to provide its students with a training program, between Malta and Italy, with the award of a degree in Osteopathy with university credits and with characteristics suitable for submission of the application for registration to the Professional Register of Malta (CPCM) and return so in the Community Directive 2013/55 on the free movement of the Professional and being able to practice the profession in all European countries and the Commonwealth where it is recognized including Italy.